Our commitment to investing in the creation of new ideas and exceeding our customers’ expectations is what drives our growth today. Fiscal 2016/17 proved again this is a winning formula and promises an even better tomorrow.

“Jaguar Land Rover is an innovative mobility company. We do not do ordinary. We do create spectacular, outstanding products.”

Professor Dr Ralf D. Speth, CEO

To create a world in which we will live safer, better and more mobile lives. This is our road to zero – zero congestion, zero accidents, zero distractions, zero emissions and long-term sustainable growth.

  • Retail sales (units)

    604,009 Fiscal 2015/16: 521,571

  • Revenue

    £24.3bn Fiscal 2015/16: £22.3bn

  • Profit before tax

    £1.6bn Fiscal 2015/16: £1.6bn

  • Cash flow before investment

    £3,733m Fiscal 2015/16: £3,926m

  • Great product awards

    213 Fiscal 2015/16: 150

  • Product investment

    £3,438m Fiscal 2015/16: £3,135m